In our continuing Let’s Settle This! series, Chronovo highlights the difference between a pyramid and a pile of sand in the desert. It’s like the contrast between a structure and a lump sum at settlement. One lasts for the ages; the other is a missed opportunity to provide stability. One is critical to building rock-solid futures; the other will quickly scatter to the wind.

Whether designed for a firefighter or pharaoh, the financial benefits of a settlement or judgment need to last. Since they are created precisely for longevity, structures provide injured individuals and their families with an unmatched level of security and stability. No matter how strong life’s sandstorms, a structure will always hold. The fact that only a small fraction of settlements includes structures is simply a lost opportunity for everyone—one that we aim to fix.

With our continuing series of Structured Smartoons and the assistance of Pat Byrnes, one of the world’s finest contemporary cartoonists, Chronovo is setting the record straight about structures so more and more people understand and take advantage of their benefits. A little humor goes a long way toward building a well-structured future.

Our latest Smartoon resonates with Chronovo in an elemental way. We’ve incorporated a pyramid into our brand as a symbol of the strength, stability and elegant simplicity of structures and our new strategy to leverage their power. Our three-pronged innovations of intuitive tech, brokers-without-borders business model and new performance standards reflect the pyramid’s balance and dimensionality perfectly.