I cannot remember a time when I did not dream of whisking away to foreign destinations while flying my own plane. It has been a lifelong passion. In addition to earning my college degree in Aviation and Aerospace, I am a licensed pilot with over 1800 PIC (Pilot in Command) hours in fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft, ranging from tail draggers to multi-engine planes. Through all of those hours of study and experience, I have added a keen understanding of the physics and the practicalities of flying that informs my understanding of everything I do in a cockpit.

It also informs my work as a structured settlement broker for Chronovo, particularly when the wonder of flight turns tragic with an accident. We pilots understand the forces of aerodynamics and the necessity of meticulous pre-flight inspections, just as we understand the complexities and human dimensions of each crash. My many years as a professional investigator reviewing accident reports provide me with unique insights.

In much the same way, I collaborate with other experts at Chronovo to assist claims professionals in assessing accidents and providing options to fund each unique claim. As a member of Chronovo’s Complex Claims Group, I help to carefully craft annuities that families need to navigate through the complexities and financial uncertainties brought on by accidents. I bring flight expertise, investigative experience and brokering background to bear.

Aviation crashes always involve complex litigation. Our Complex Claims Group is a blend of deep, diverse experience, innovative strategies and user-friendly, proprietary technology. Rolling up our sleeves to design and advocate for sound, creative solutions, we use structures and other financial vehicles to fund the best paths forward for all parties involved.