It’s a new time for structured settlements
Led by smart people with unmatched expertise
Powered by tech that clarifies best strategies for cases of all sizes
Seamlessly combined to empower your best decisions
Structured for your success

Why structures? Why the Chronovo revolution in structures?

Structures enable insurers to maximize a tax-free, life-long financial path forward for injured individuals. Chronovo leverages innovative technology and incomparable personnel to make structures intuitive, graphical and accessible for everyone. The “new time” in structured settlements has become its primetime standard.

Plaintiffs & Claimants  /  Claimant’s Counsel  /  Claims Professionals  /  Defense Counsel  /  Carrier Home Office

Three Practice Groups. One Mission.

Complex Claims Group

Maximize value on every claim. Our brokers-without-borders approach provides comprehensive strategies for your most complex negotiations.

Chronovo Consulting Group

Trust a team with unparalleled subject matter command to drive new strategies on everything from a single claim to the transformation of an organization.

Chronovo Connect

Ready to resolve your pressing challenges? Our diverse talent and innovative technology are accessible and responsive to your needs. We’re always on call.

“One of the many benefits to working with Chronovo was resolution of a claim that was over 10 years old. Chronovo structure reviews allowed what had been a 5 year process to resolve within thirty days...”
“We have developed a very successful partnership with Chronovo, which has allowed us to settle several complex, high value claims.”
“ExamWorks’ partnership with Chronovo has brought our clients the industry’s most innovative, technologically-advanced, customer-centric structured settlement organization in the industry.”
“Chronovo’s on-the-fly quoting technology is compelling and critical at mediation.”
“The cost savings are wonderful and the ability to quickly and easily access the system to obtain multiple quotes makes decision-making much easier. Chronovo is  always ready to assist in finding ways to get settlements finalized and files closed.”

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