Like a traditional compass that points to optimal directions, our collaborative, on-line tool for claims professionals indicates the “true north” for quoting and managing structured settlement cases of all sizes and levels of complexity.


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Chronovo’s patent-pending Compass™ empowers you to:

  • Know where you stand.
    Every quote on every case is available at your fingertips 24/7. Rather than chasing a broker or worrying over which quote was offered at what time, Compass keeps notes, documents and everything else organized, dated and available.
  • Create Chronographs.
    Designed to provide clarity for all parties with color, charts and graphs, Compass generates a beneficiary-friendly document. Chart the value of benefits, explore the life company behind the annuity and compare structures to traditional investments; this information is invaluable to informed decision-making information. We even provide a definition page to ensure that everyone understands insurance industry lingo.
  • Access App-in-your-pocket ease.
    With our online quoting dashboard, you can drag-and-drop medical records, settlement documents and other materials pertinent to the settlement process right into the claim file. No phone calls, no file-size limitations for sending out requests for rated ages, no multiple e-mails. We’ve integrated HIPAA-compliance and ISO 27001 alignment into Compass.
  • Chart your direction.
    Animate your strategy with strategic information. Compass provides comparisons between quote features and life company pricing for each benefit. Our real time quoting ability even enables you to update an existing quote without starting from scratch and request verification automatically.  And, if you’d like any help preparing your quote, you can connect with our Managing Directors and Chronovo Connect Team at 844 600 NOVO.
  • Ensure you’re headed for true north.
    With Compass’ online dashboard on your screen and our automated ChronoLog and Structure Financing Value Report in your e-mail box, you can track your progress. Whether striving to impress a client with your performance, pace against a quarterly settlement savings goal, or compare office-to-office adoption rates, Compass keeps you updated and informed.
  • Leverage data “coordinates.”
    All quotes, cases and transactions are safely housed within one system, providing significant data on trending, savings, adoption rates, office performance and other statistics that bring more science to the art of settling claims.