Our name says it all. From the Greek for “time” and Latin for “new,” Chronovo has reinvented the structured settlement process and landscape to vastly increase adoption and usher in a “new time” that benefits all parties.

The industry called for change and we have delivered it.

Our Tech

  • Transforms complex math to picture perfect graphs. Compass™ clarifies the values for the plaintiff and counsel with simple, graphical, customizable quotes in real time.
  • Eliminates friction, increases accuracy and saves a lot of time. Your Compass dashboard provides anytime, anywhere quote estimates, rate comparisons and information about the life companies.
  • Synchronizes all the strategic data into one seamless system, giving you audit-ready vision and control for cases of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Our Team

  • Promises continuous access. Our no-borders sales and case advocate specialists translate simplicity into adoption.
  • Represents the best in the business. We provide expert collaboration support throughout the process. Contact us.
  • Offers specialized attention for each claim. Our Complex Claims Group knows the complicated terrain. Our Consulting Group understands how to navigate the big picture. Chronovo Connect gets you answers…immediately.

Our Business Model

  • Is the most dynamic in the industry. We animate our service agreements with claims professionals, linking every transaction to each client and providing an update on an individual caseload along with enterprise-wide reports on a national client’s caseload.
  • Simplifies and clarifies a complex and ever-changing environment. We bring transparency throughout the settlement process while optimizing both the use and savings potential of structures.
  • Features value and branding of life companies. We clarify the value of each transaction by replacing the brokers’ brands with the life company’s value.

Our Founder’s Vision

  • “I got back into the industry because I saw structures as a way to do well by doing good.”
  • “We do structures in the interest of both of the parties. We think of ourselves as the kitchen in a really good restaurant with a window where you can see everything that’s going on. We do everything transparently because we have nothing to hide.”
  • “At the heart of it, structures are almost like using a mortgage to buy a house—using the time value of money to make things possible today that might not be possible without them.”

Listen to CEO Ken Paradis’ full interview with Work Comp Pulse’s Steve Schmutz: