CLM 2016 Launches with a Key Panel

This year’s CLM Annual Conference, convening April 6-8 in Orlando, will feature a host of industry-leading speakers and presentations. Chronovo’s Chief Strategy Officer Bill Wakelee will be leading a session on “Claims Management: Settlement Funds and Investment Risk,” along with Debra Levy (CLM), Marques Torbert (Ametros) and Richard Woollams (AIG). Kicking off at 11am on Thursday, April 7 in the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek’s “Chronovo Room,” Bill’s panel will consider the behavioral science behind claimants’ decisions to settle or try a case. What makes injured plaintiffs unique as investors? What are the most challenging elements of market volatility and risk? What are the best methods and techniques for negotiating cases? How can professional administrators ensure ideal outcomes for all parties and realize claim savings? As Bill likes to say, “It’s a bold new settlement world.” Thursday’s panel promises to show what the newly structured settlement landscape looks like.