Chronovo Welcomes the Fearless Foursome

We are delighted to welcome four formidable talents to our growing team. All along, our quest has been to identify the finest, most experienced and energetic people in the industry and provide them with an environment where they can can innovate and make a big difference. With the addition of Patti Nelson, Naina Nigudkar, Paul Rogers and Eric Rycus, Chronovo’s leadership team takes another huge step forward. As healthcare, claims management and cost containment guru Eric Rycus enthuses, “Chronovo…provides a solution to the market that benefits everything it touches. Each constituent involved in a claim—the plaintiff, the claims organization and the employer—all benefit through the use of structured settlements. I have been looking for this kind of market-changing opportunity my entire career!”

Pictured above:
Eric Rycus, Vice President of Sales
Patti Nelson, Managing Director
Naina Nigudkar, Senior Development Engineer
Paul Rogers, Managing Director