The Ultimate Financial Planning Hack: Invest Your Personal Injury Proceeds Like A Pro With a Structured Settlement

Testimony for the smart, strategic, investment power of annuities is everywhere. Kiplinger’s and Vanguard have recommend laddering annuities as a critical feature of any financial or retirement plan because of the security and control that they provide.

Barron’s has been even more strident in its support for fixed annuities specifically:

“Why this new hunger for fixed annuities? As investors get real about how to turn their nest eggs into lifelong income, they’re discovering what academics and analysts have been preaching for years: Fixed-income annuities outshine all other income-producing options.” (By the way, for more information about nest eggs and golden eggs that shine, please see my previous post) 

Here’s the great news: If you are resolving a personal injury or death claim, a structured settlement can be a fixed annuity. You can realize all the benefits the nation’s financial powerhouses tout as the best of income-producing investments rather than a lump sum. In fact, a structured settlement is an annuity with even more features like tax-free growth and coordination of benefits with other needs-based public assistance income.

With that in mind, you can invest like a pro with even more benefits to your long-term income than a typical annuity. Rather than taking a lump sum for your settlement, judgment, or award, consider a structured settlement annuity to “outshine all other income-producing options” and create an ongoing, secure financial path forward.