ESIS announces $60m in savings, 4x settlements with structures through industry-leading Chronovo partnership

We are fiercely proud to share ESIS’s announcement that Chronovo’s unique collaboration on several industry-first strategies has enhanced the use of structured settlements. In fact, ESIS has realized $60m in new savings for their clients in the past two years. Even more profoundly, our work together has also provided invaluable security, predictability and tax savings for hundreds of claimants, plaintiffs and applicants too. It’s the classic—if ever elusive—win for everyone involved.

More than anything, this success is reflective of the significant commitment of ESIS’s entire claim organization and other partners. We know that even more success lies ahead. As Mark Hursh, ESIS SVP and COO says in the announcement:

“Quadrupling ESIS settlements with structures in only two years is impressive. As we approach $60m in savings and benefits for our clients and the injured individual, we are actively expanding the scope of our initiative with Chronovo.” 

As an organization, Chronovo is excited to build on this momentum. Our intuitive, proprietary technology, service-driven business model, and early-engagement strategies make us unique. Our national, committed partnerships like this incredible one with ESIS make it all possible for us. 

A tip of the cap, as well as a deep bow of gratitude to ESIS, its leadership and its stellar claims professionals for our mutual success and this wonderful, ongoing opportunity. 

Read the ESIS Announcement: “The ESIS-Chronovo Structured Settlement Initiative: The Right Idea, the Right Partnership, and the Right Results”