The Bold, New Settlement World

Litigation Management’s spring 2016 feature cover story, written by Bill Wakelee and Debra Levy, analyzes the complexity of today’s structured settlement world and offers a bright forecast. Bill, Chronovo’s Chief Strategy Officer, is bullish on the prospects for meaningful and effective settlements that benefit all parties, thanks to new technologies and business models that are enabling professionals to tailor claimants’ precise needs to available settlement funds. The new technologies, he writes, “include the use of data mining, needs-matching claimant and case profile algorithms, and indicative analytics that provide more accurate and more relevant settlement solutions designed to make the settlement process more efficient, programmatic, and sustainable.” In addition, new business models are transforming the traditional stand-alone independent broker into a flexible, responsive Case Advocate, empowered with analytical tools to ensure that claimants get what they need for ongoing medical treatment. The result? A vivid opportunity for a resurgent industry to settle more cases and make good on the underlying promises of structured settlements. 

Kudos to Debra and Bill for a terrific piece.