Here is the simple truth about structures:  Structures provide powerful advantages to both sides of most any settlement involving an injured individual.


Structures provide the injured individual with unparalleled security in an uncertain world.  While cash and other investments make sense too, tax-free growth with secure, scheduled payments should be a critical feature of the financial path forward. Structures are a one-of-a-kind opportunity lost as soon as the claim is closed.

Structures provide claims organizations and self-insureds with significant savings that provide more benefits to the injured individual for less.  Structures never cost either party a dime.  In workers’ compensation, structures can enhance compliance with CMS guidance while saving money.  Dramatic, 35%+ average savings on MSAs like evidence-based allocations but without any of the complications or risk. 

 Structures are simple for claims professionals and counsel with the right broker and the right program.  No extra steps. No extra paperwork.  No difficult conversations explaining anything. Chronovo will do it all.  Just a free, additional member of the settlement team that provides options and creative solutions to bridge the settlement gap in any negotiation.

It’s all quite …simple. Really.  Huge advantages for all with no risk to anyone. No cost ever.  All upside.  

There are even more benefits to structures… But isn’t that enough? 

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