Smart. Structured. Settled. Sweet.

A budding entrepreneur comes up with an innovative approach to the problem of candy disbursement. After all, Halloween stockpiles never last. Chocolate Easter eggs are subject to forfeiture by older siblings and health-conscious parents might ration those Valentine hearts.

The solution? Invent more opportunities! Structure the bounty over time so payouts keep pouring in. On schedule. For life.   

This elementary wisdom is brought to you by Chronovo. We’ve made structured settlements easy to understand and easy to set up. Unlike a perishable lump sum, structures are made to last. Since they’re created precisely for longevity, they provide injured individuals and their families with an unmatched level of security and stability.

To help sweeten our ongoing Let’s Settle This! campaign, we enlisted the services of famed New Yorker cartoonist Pat Byrnes. In this 4th of our Structured Smartoons, Pat reminds us that structured settlements are a win-win opportunity and that inventive minds can make life a lot better.