“Settling in Unsettling Times:” CEO Ken Paradis Highlights Opportunities for Savings & Security in Settlement Strategies

In the latest installment of the ExamWorks Clinical Solutions National Webinar Series, Chronovo CEO Ken Paradis and ExamWorks’ Vice President of MSP Compliance Marty Cassavoy discussed how structures animate the savings and security of an MSA in the organizations’ two joint offerings with Ametros called the iMSA and EBiMSA.   

The goal of the recorded webinar for nearly 500 insurance professionals registrants, according to Paradis, was to “inform and invigorate the negotiation process—especially in workers’ compensation claims—to the benefit of all parties to every claim.”

During their hour-long conversation, Paradis and Cassavoy discussed the practical strategies for revisiting old or pending claims with new approaches to CMS submission policies, creating iMSA protocols for early and consistent adoption and addressing myths that may make claimant/ applicant and their counsel hesitate despite the unmatched level of security and benefit available for all parties to the negotiation.

Given that the COVID-19 crisis is creating the “double whammy” of rising payouts and steep investment losses, they also discussed how the average of 66% savings on MSA can create “fresh money” and animate new discussions about creating more benefit for the injured individual at the same or lower cost to the insurer.

Thanks to ExamWorks, the “Settling in Unsettling Times” webinar has been made available here.