Settlements’ Best Kept Secret

I am about to drop one of claims’ best-kept secrets, a secret that will rock your claims management world: Structured Settlements really work!

During my nearly 30-year tenure in the property and casualty claims management industry, I received minimal information or training about structured settlements from the market’s service providers. Throughout my career, there were two critical, ongoing requests made from my clients; save me money on the claim, and close as many claims as possible.

Looking back, I feel like an investment of any time on the basics of why a structured settlement made sense would have enabled me to deliver even better results—even in California comp.  I feel almost negligent in not having used more structures for my clients. If only one of the structured settlement companies had taken the time with my teams and me to share the value of using structure settlements, things would have been vastly different.  I could have provided my clients with significant savings opportunities and creative ways to settle out their claims.  Looking back at my career in this way makes me feel that if Chronovo was in existence, I could have delivered such a more meaningful difference to my clients. Chronovo’s investment in the TPA market, and the overall claims industry in general, has been significant!  Having trained over 200 individual claims offices with various TPA/Carrier/Self Insured clients, Chronovo has realized a substantial uptick in understanding and using Structured Settlements.

Just over five years ago, I retired from my role as Vice President of Claims at a national Third-Party Administration company to join forces with Chronovo as our Vice President of our “Connect” unit. Connect is our group of highly skilled, quick response brokers that are the company’s special forces team.  At a moment’s notice, we are available to provide quotes, assistance, and education to every claims professional.  Having early, direct communication with the claims professional helps mitigate the fear that structures are complex intimidating and maximize their strategic value.

I assure you, once you’ve experienced the Chronovo way, you will become an expert at using a structure to not only save your clients money but also create a financially stable outcome for each injured worker. By being a true advocate for the best result possible, we at Chronovo do all we can to move your cases to resolution.  But wait, there is another shining moment available for every claim’s professional! By simply being proactive with structures and doing what is best for a settlement, you will become your client’s favorite claims professional once you share with them the thousands of dollars you saved them by simply utilizing a structure on their settlement!    We can help you make that happen.  Like Nike says, “Just do it”!

As I enter my 5th year at Chronovo, I am excited to see the difference we are making in the industry.  I enjoy having the opportunity to share my claims knowledge with our client partners to present and deliver the best structured settlement annuity quote possible. I guarantee that if I am provided the opportunity to spend 20 minutes on the phone with an adjuster explaining the benefits of a structure one on one, the claims professional will better understand the simplicity of using a structure. Remember the two things I mentioned above that were direct requests from my clients; save money and close more claims? With Chronovo, that happens!