Structured settlements bring so much benefit in terms of lifetime financial security and yet they remain one of the most misunderstood options in the industry. We relish a good challenge, so we’re setting the record straight in the best way possible—with humor.

Chronovo has engaged one of the finest contemporary cartoonists for our new Structured Smartoons series. You may know Pat Byrnes from his brilliant work for The New Yorker and his “Monkeyhouse” comic strip. When we asked Pat about his inspiration, he quoted the great New Yorker editor and author E. B. White: “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.”

Pat loves a good metaphor. The key to humor, insight, or just about any other creative pursuit, metaphors respect the old writing rule of “show, don’t tell.” According to Pat, they “provide a specialized lens for looking at things. That lens gives you both distant and close-up views in one shot. It snaps the important stuff into focus and blurs the distracting detail or removes it altogether.”

A powerful metaphor, such as the lumpy mattress in our new Structured Smartoon, gets right to the heart of the matter. Like so many deserving people, that miserable couple might do well to give structures another look.