NSSTA Completes Its Inaugural MSSC Program at Notre Dame

The National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA) recently announced the completion of their inaugural Master’s Certificate in Structured Settlement Consulting (MSSC) program, held at and in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame. This program consisted of extensive pre-study, 40 hours of classroom work, and the completion and acceptance of a comprehensive industry research paper.

There are only 22 consultants in the country who have achieved the MSSC designation, including Chronovo’s own Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Wakelee. The MSSC program, layered upon the highly successful CSSC designation, establishes another level of professional education and qualification for the settlement industry, and further enhances the qualifications and expertise of its members.

The MSSC program provides a comprehensive understanding of structured settlements, combining academic rigor and perspective with the latest developments impacting the industry. The Master’s Certificate Program included an in-depth pursuit of the following topics with a practicum: business ethics, settlement planning, needs based negotiations, Federal Tax Law, the economic environment, Special Needs Trusts, Medical Reversionary Trusts, Medicare and ACA Issues, negotiation strategy, industry case studies and Tort Law, State and Federal jurisdictional issues, the behavioral psychology of settlements, laws impacting NSSTA members, and insurance claims practices.

NSSTA first established the Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) designation in 1993. It has been the industry’s oldest and most respected designation, establishing educational standards for structured settlement professionals throughout the nation. The program, developed in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame, consists of more than 80 hours of classroom and study culminating in a comprehensive national examination.

Chronovo is a proud member and sponsor of NSSTA, and congratulates them and all the program attendees on the completion of this inaugural MSSC class. Bill Wakelee’s MSSC research paper titled “Settlement Funds & Risk: Financial Security & Peace of Mind for Injured Plaintiff’s” is available for review and download on the Chronovo Compass client site, in the Library section. For more information or questions about structured settlements, please contact us at info@chronovo.com.