MISCONCEPTION #5: “Structures only matter in big, complex cases.”

Not so! In fact, structures bring benefit and balance for small cases too. A critical option for funding a financial path forward for a seriously injured individual or a family that loses a loved one, structured settlements also provide safe, scheduled, tax-free payments and medical expense coverage for smaller claims too.

For example, structures coordinate and safeguard benefits. A $36,000 lump sum settlement from an automobile liability case can terminate eligibility for Medicaid for a family of four. With a lump sum as small as $12,000, MSA can actually cut off Medicare benefits before retirement if the settlement isn’t spent and accounted for properly.

Just like all injuries, all cases are unique. Structures—of every size and level of complexity—can be the key to getting it right, customizing and maximizing the value of a settlement and protecting the award from unintended consequences.

Chronovo 💙 small cases too!