Misconception #2: “Structures make everything more complicated.”

Quite the opposite.  Structures should be straightforward and easy for everyone to understand. With a broker to guide the process and collaborate with both counsels from the beginning, settlements are clearly and perfectly tailored to the specifics of the case and bring big benefits for the injured individual.

Chronovo has structured our entire platform for ease and clarity. Our patent-pending, adjuster-facing Compass™ software—the only one of its kind in the industry—uses colorful graphs, simple definitions and succinct explanations to make quotes logical and engaging. In addition, Chronovo brokers lend their expertise to making sure that everyone understands every aspect and moving part. What’s more, our clients relish the ease with which they can create their own estimates from scratch in under two minutes, not to mention securely access all their quotes and documents 24/7 with a single keystroke.

Structured settlements are now the easy option.