ChronovoCare Welcomes Jake Kelly as Executive Director of ChronovoCare

Following this week’s momentous launch of ChronovoCare, Chronovo’s unique 3-in-1 medical savings program, we are delighted to announce Jake Kelly as Executive Director. The principal architect of ChronovoCare’s first-to-market consumer product combining access to discounts for prescriptions, medical equipment and surgical procedures, Kelly has leveraged a career of creative innovation in our new offering. He brings experience in high-stakes environments to his new leadership role at Chronovo, extending our ability to offer consumers freedom, savings and control over their medical expenses.

Kelly comes to ChronovoCare following a longstanding career at General Electric (GE) and its insurance subsidiary, Electric Insurance. He excelled in a series of roles within GE by applying a process- and data-focused approach, rigorous project and program management skills and a consistent drive to take on new challenges.

As GE’s Program Manager for Workers’ Compensation, Kelly was responsible for providing solutions for top industry challenges across technology, finance, regulatory, compliance and claims management. He led strategic and operational direction and financial results of medical pharmacy and ancillary programs, representing up to $50 million per year. Kelly has been credited for successfully positioning General Electric’s Workers’ Compensation program as a top performer, delivering savings in excess of $30 million over a ten-year period.

“Establishing critical clinical programs to deliver the best care available was an invaluable experience,” Kelly comments. “It demonstrated that it’s still possible to cut across a lot of the complexity in healthcare and achieve superior outcomes for injured workers as well as financial savings.”

In 2014 Kelly’s role at GE expanded to include Client Services. He directed teams in the development and delivery of solutions to lower costs and improve claims outcomes. He collaborated with multiple GE stakeholders in Risk Management, EHS, Supply Chain, Plant Operations, Human Resources, Medical, Benefits, Wellness and Legal to develop and administer new programs to meet unique business needs.

It is no wonder that Chronovo CEO Ken Paradis tapped Kelly to incubate and lead ChronovoCare. “Jake’s capacity to create, innovate and execute is rare and remarkable,” Paradis comments. “He deepens and broadens an already unparalleled leadership group in the settlement services industry. We are proud—and very lucky—to have him at Chronovo.”

Kelly adds: “Over the past year developing ChronovoCare, my admiration for our team and belief in our trajectory continues to increase.”

Kelly graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Kelly was accepted into the highly selective Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP) at GE Capital, where he earned a certification in Six-Sigma Quality.