New Talent, Deep Roots

The Chronovo team stands ready to streamline and strengthen your next structured settlement. Our leadership team represents over 103 years of experience in the industry. We’re supported by a nationwide network of sales and case advocate professionals, each with 10+ years of quoting and settlement expertise, as well as the best financial planning, Medicare compliance, and settlement solutions in the business. Together, we make every case our most important case.


We are Chronovo.

Tom Angelucci, Managing Director
Chris Burns, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Coyne, Chief Economic Analyst
Annie Hernandez, Director of Strategic Settlement Services
Mike Hernandez, Chief Client Officer
Christine L. Koza, Case Advocate
Zach Leonard, Managing Director
Naina Nigudkar, Senior Development Engineer
Ken Paradis, Chief Executive Officer
Jack Plunkett, Director, Technical Strategy
Paul Rogers, Managing Director
Eric Rycus, Vice President of Sales
Randy Simard, Chief Settlement Officer
Gurdip Singh, Chief Technical Officer
Traci Stuart, Case Advocate
Bill Wakelee, Chief Strategy Officer
Elizabeth Zandee, Case Advocate

Tom Angelucci

Managing Director

“During my 10 years as a broker, I have witnessed the empowerment that fully-scheduled, lifetime income from a structured settlement creates for people. Knowing that college education funds and retirement benefits that are not subject to market volatility will arrive on the day they are needed is a brand of freedom that too few people ever experience. Chronovo charts all of the possibilities for everyone and makes understanding the options very easy.

I have put all of my experience into making the quoting and settlement process as simple and clear as possible for all parties. I am here to contribute my expertise by hearing every injured party’s story and earning their trust. Chronovo’s innovation builds a structure that exceeds expectations and provides long-term, financial security. This is what structured settlements have long needed to become.”

Career Highlights

  • Director of Client Development; Manager, Workers’ Compensation Division: Ringler Associates
  • Claims Payable Supervisor: Signal Holdings (now Assurant Wireless), founded claims fulfillment division and warranty, reclamation and repair division.
  • BA in Theater: Temple University, MBA: St. Joseph’s University

Chris Burns

Chief Financial Officer

“Over the course of my nearly 30-year career I have had the unique opportunity to work for a variety of companies that offered innovative, powerful, and game-changing solutions to clients and along the way I have learned what works and what doesn’t—Chronovo works. Combining a cutting edge technology platform built precisely for the industry with seasoned leadership and passionate people offering fresh perspectives, Chronovo is blazing a new trail in the insurance industry and changing the way people think about structured settlements. I am excited to be a part of the Chronovo team and to have the opportunity to deliver measurable value to our clients and those they serve.”

Career Highlights

  • Chief Financial Officer: Altus Marketing & Management
  • Chief Financial Officer: Crowe Paradis Services Corporation (now ISO Claims Partners)
  • Chief Financial Officer: NeuroTherm, Inc.
  • Chief Accounting Officer: Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
  • Participated in IPO process and multiple private buy / sell transactions
  • Certified Public Accountant in Massachusetts since 1992
  • B.S. in Accountancy & MBA—Bentley University

ChrisCChris Coyne

Chief Economic Analyst

“As a finance professor and financial planning professional for nearly 40 years, my goal has always been to provide individuals with the kind of clarity about their choices that ensures optimal financial decisions.  As a general rule, focus is the biggest hurdle. Focus is difficult because the details are abstract, disjointed and presented in the lines of a spreadsheet. Chronovo’s patent-pending algorithms simplify the big picture with the sublime clarity of graphs.

Whether standing in front of the college lecture hall or sitting for a consultation at the kitchen table, I have spent my career explaining the critical details in as sharp a relief as possible. Now, at Chronovo, the audience may be bigger and the stakes higher, but the method is the same: enable focus on life-shaping decisions through simplicity, clarity and command.”

Career Highlights

  • Professor, St. Joseph’s University: Department of Finance
  • Author, Retirement Planning (chapters 6-8): American College of Financial Planners
  • Expert, interviewed and cited by The Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Enquirer, and Philadelphia Business Journal, as well as “Money Matters” on CNN
  • Author and co-author, articles on finance, taxation, and the US stock market: Journal of the Academy of Finance, Research in Finance and National Tax Journal
  • Content expert, question creation: National Certified Financial Planners Exam
  • Certified Financial Planner & Registered Financial Consultant
  • First Lieutenant: US Army
  • B.S.: St. Joseph’s College, MBA: Temple University, PhD in Finance and Quantitative Methods: Temple University

Annie Hernandez

Director of Strategic Settlement Services

“Over my 30-year career, I have focused on delivering excellence in claims management in the highly complex property and casualty insurance industry. I have been so blessed to have worked with gifted people and inspired strategies that have made a meaningful difference for clients.

Throughout my career I have never experienced or utilized a solution that provides tangible benefits to all parties involved in a claim like the one that Chronovo has built. What excites me about Chronovo is the combination of unparalleled technology and talent that brings fundamental and meaningful innovation to everyone: injured individuals, claims professionals, clients, and even counsel to the claim.

Chronovo’s mission makes all the difference to me as a former claim professional. It’s about doing well for the company by doing right for all our clients. Chronovo is a ‘must have’ in your Risk Management tool box. I wish Chronovo had been around when I was responsible for managing claims.”

Career Highlights
  • Vice President, Workers’ Compensation Claims: York Risk Services
  • Account Manager/Client Services: Southern California Risk
  • Management Association
  • Senior Claims Examiner: Colen and Lee
  • Claims Examiner: Highlands Insurance
  • Industry Designations: Self-Insured License, WCCA, WCCP

MikeH_300x300_2Mike Hernandez

Chief Client Officer

“Over my 30 year career, I have focused on providing the highly complex insurance industry with its most intuitive and innovative healthcare, claims management and cost containment solutions.  I have been so blessed to have worked with gifted people and inspired strategies that have made a meaningful difference for our clients. What excites me about Chronovo is that its unparalleled technology and talent bring fundamental, meaningful innovation to everyone: claims professionals, underwriters, injured individuals and even counsel to the claim.

Chronovo’s mission makes all the difference to me as a sales professional. It’s about doing well for the company by doing right for all of our clients. We created and continue to expand Chronovo to make that happen. I have been preparing for this my whole career.”

Career Highlights

  • Chief Sales Officer: Self Health Network
  • Chief Business Development Officer: Next Image Medical
  • Vice President of Sales: Paradigm Management Services
  • Vice President of Sales: Aetna
  • Vice President-Sales: Concentra
  • National Sales Executive: Intracorp
  • Sales Manager: Genex Services
  • Numerous Gold Circle awards as top sales professional, Diamond Award for sales excellence, Top performer for Sales and Client Services
  • B.S. in Business Management with an emphasis in Sales and Marketing: California State Polytechnic University

ChristineKChristine L. Koza

Case Advocate

“For me, the structured settlement industry is a family tradition. My father was among the first, early pioneers of the industry 40 years ago as one of the co-founders of its original structured settlement company. Over my 26 years in the industry, I have done my best to try to bring the same energy, enthusiasm and innovation that my father always brought to an industry he loved. I came to Chronovo because I believe that it represents the kind of change to our industry that he would have applauded.”

Career Highlights

  • Structured Settlement Case Manager: EPS Settlement Group
  • Administrative Assistant/Case Manager: Ringler Associates
  • Member, NSSTA
  • B.A. in Broadcast Production: University of Maine

Zach Leonard

Managing Director

“After spending 10 years in structured settlement industry in various locations around the country, the industry I love felt stagnant and predictable. Chronovo, with its mantra of innovation and service excellence, reinvigorated my love for the product and the financial security it can provide injured individuals.

The ability to leverage Chronovo’s team of experienced professionals to triage claims, combined with my analytical background, allows me to comprehensively service our clients’ ever-changing needs. I am excited to be a part of the Chronovo team as we reinvent the way the structured settlement industry operates.”

Career Highlights
  • Settlement Annuity Specialist: Ringler Associates
  • Settlement Coordinator: Mesirow Financial
  • Level II CFA Candidate
  • Masters of Economics & an Advanced Certificate in Financial
  • Econometrics and Data Analysis—Fordham University
  • B.S. in Finance & B.S. in Entrepreneurship—Millikin University
  • B.S. in International Business—L’Ecole de Commerce International

NainaN_300x300Naina Nigudkar

Senior Development Engineer

“From the outset of my career, I found that software development combines my love of mathematics and logic with the opportunity to create efficient and practical solutions for business problems.

Over the past 10 years, I have designed and integrated software in a variety of fields, including medical technology, industrial equipment, eDiscovery and litigation. In each case, I have enjoyed creating value for the businesses and individuals involved. This is why I continue to be passionate about writing software; it makes a difference.

At Chronovo, we use cutting-edge technology, tools and techniques to craft innovative software solutions for structure settlement industry. The customer-centric approach to technology enables us to understand the requirements, challenges and preferences of our end-users, brokers, claim professionals and partners by listening to them and designing applications to augment Chronovo’s mission: to clarify the value of structures and enhance the accessibility of structured settlements for everyone. It is exciting to innovate and enhance our Compass software on a daily basis. However, the ultimate reward is knowing that all such efforts drive better outcome for carriers, TPAs, injured individuals and their counsel.”

Career Highlights

  • Senior Software Engineer: HP Autonomy
  • Consultant: McGladrey
  • Senior Software Engineer: Altran
  • M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics: Ujjain Engineering College, Ujjain, India
  • Masters in Computer Applications: Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science and Technology, Jabalpur, India

KenPKen Paradis

Chief Executive Officer

“Throughout my career, I have harnessed the best talent and the most innovative thinking to make the most complex insurance and regulatory challenges as simple and beneficial as possible for as many people as possible. I launched Chronovo because I saw so many injured individuals missing an invaluable, life-changing opportunity without even realizing it. I asked the best in the business in their respective disciplines to join me in the cause to turn that around. Amazingly, they all agreed.

Our team’s passion, talent and commitment are leavened into every call, every quote and every consultation. Chronovo is making a difference.”

Career Highlights

  • Harry S. Truman Scholar and Scholar-in-Residence
  • Special Assistant Attorney General: Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund
  • Chief-of-Staff: Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development
  • Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) certification
  • Co-Founder, Partner, and/or Chief Executive Officer for 4 successful business in the claims and disabilities field:
    • Alternative Risk Concepts, Second Injury Fund recoveries and subrogation)
    • Crowe Paradis LLC (now The Advocator Group), Social Security Disability advocacy services)
    • Crowe Paradis Services Corporation (now ISO Claims Partners), Medicare Set Aside and CMS compliance services
    • Ametros Financial, post-settlement professional administration services
  • Lead Inventor, US Patent # 8,224,678 B2, for the automated disability claim and medical cost containment card technology for Ametros Financial’s “CareGuard”
  • B.A. in Classics, History and Political Theory: Colorado College, J.D.: University of Notre Dame School of Law

JackPJack Plunkett

Director, Technical Strategy

“I asked for a strategic role at Chronovo because in my 40 years in the insurance data industry, I constantly worked to claim value from technical systems and platforms that were never designed to deliver what the insurance professional needed, expected and deserved. My company was always tasked with salvaging value, never ensuring it from the outset. I want to change that, to be a part of a team that designs superb technology for a single-minded, focused business that precisely meets the needs of users and the industry.

It is quite simply a thrill to take a lifetime of lessons and experience and be involved in crafting the right solution—both technologically and organizationally—and to make it right from the beginning. I find it so compelling that I put off my planned retirement to be part of this enterprise.”

Career Highlights

  • Senior Industry Advisor: Guidewire, Inc.
  • Principal and Co-Founder: Millbrook, Inc.
  • Recipient of 2012 IASA Technology Award for the introduction of MiAgents mobile agency management application for Oregon Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Strategic Consultant, Acting Chief Information Officer: New York State Insurance Fund and the Philadelphia Contributionship
  • Vice President, Operations & IT: Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
  • Chief Operations Officer: Warwick Insurance Company
  • Programmer through technology executive: Royal Insurance (now Royal-Sun Alliance)
  • B.S. in Finance: Lehigh University

PaulR_300x300Paul Rogers

Managing Director

“Since I began in the business in 1982, I have seen significant change in the structured settlement industry: some of it good; some of it bad. However, the business model has generally stayed the same. Chronovo is here to bring a refreshing, programmatic approach by delivering structured settlements with a new kind of quote and a new level of service.

What brought me to Chronovo is not only that we are becoming a leading structured settlement company, but also our value-added approach to offering greater assistance to the claims professional and more insights to the claimant. How do we do this?

First, Chronovo operates as a single corporate entity with everyone working together for the common good of the company, the client and the claimant/plaintiff. Most firms are a collection of independent brokers with limited resources and challenges with comprehensive customer service as a result.

Second, Compass, our patent-pending, proprietary technology, creates easy-to-understand Chronograph quotes with graphs, illustrations and information that highlight and explain the significant value of a structured settlements to all of the parties.”

Career Highlights

  • Executive Vice President & Mid-Atlantic Marketing Representative: The Pension Company
  • Expert in the calculations and use of CPLR 50-A and 50-B in New York
  • Member, NSSTA’s Legislation and Regulation committee
  • B.S. in Finance: The Pennsylvania State University

EricR_300x300Eric Rycus

Vice President of Sales

“Over my 27 years in the healthcare field, claims management and cost containment markets, my commitment and resolve to providing best-in-class solutions has remained firm. I am excited to be a part of Chronovo as we provide a solution to the market that benefits everyone it touches. Each constituent involved in a claim—the plaintiff, the claims organization and the employer—all benefit through the use of structured settlements. I have been looking for this kind of market changing opportunity my entire career!

What excites me most about Chronovo is that we do the right thing. We offer unparalleled technology, honesty and integrity. Chronovo’s products and leadership make all the difference to me as a sales professional. Knowing the product and people I represent are by far the best in the industry makes my job incredibly easy!”

Career Highlights

  • Vice President of Sales: Jopari Solutions, Inc.
  • Regional Vice President: SHN
  • Vice President: NextImage Medical
  • Regional Vice President: Paradigm Management Services
  • Aviation and Aviation/Airway Management: Northwestern Michigan College and Southeastern Oklahoma State University

RandySRandy Simard

Chief Settlement Officer

“Over my 25 years as a structured settlement consultant, I have assisted individuals as they navigate the biggest, most complex losses. A lifetime of financial security that is independent of the whims of the stock market or the talents of an investor is absolutely critical to planning the future with confidence. Nothing replaces the value of an expert to ensure that injured individuals secure exactly what they need.

Chronovo has stocked the organization with people who will help you get it right. Along with that team, we have designed technology to harness their talents and drive a clearer, more expansive understanding of what a structure really means for you. With our Chronograph, we have translated tax savings, market comparisons and all of the other variables into two straightforward graphs. We have made the complex much more simple to fuel the best decisions for everyone, for cases of every size and complexity level. We give you a quick briefing on the life company. We even give you easy definitions.

Chronovo is an idea that is long overdue: make it easy to provide full command of decisions. Structured settlements are a tremendous opportunity. Chronovo and our Chronograph are the best way for you to know—for your specific case—exactly why that is so true.”

Career Highlights

  • Structured Settlement Consultant: Travelers Insurance Company
  • Vice President, Marketing: Platinum Insurance Marketing
  • Vice President, Marketing: Medivest Benefit Advisors
  • Structured Settlement Consultant: EPS Settlements Group
  • NSSTA Marketing Committee
  • CSSC Certification
  • BS in Marketing Central: Connecticut State University

GurdipSGurdip Singh

Chief Technical Officer

“I wanted to be a part of Chronovo from the very beginning because I saw an opportunity to turn code into value for all parties in the claims process. This includes injured individuals with a chance to turn their misfortune into lifetime income and security, as well as counsel and claims professionals who deserve a simpler, more efficient explanation of the specific value and impact of a structure. What could be a better use of graphs, of code and of technology in general than that?

Chronovo embraces an amazing ambition: to animate the settlement discussion with real-time understanding of the value of a structure. We’re transforming the slow, cumbersome process into a simple, efficient and intuitive one for everyone. I’m here at Chronovo to bring those changes to individuals who may need us more than they even realize. This is what I love to do.”

Career Highlights

  • Solutions Architect & Chief Architect, MSP Navigator: Crowe Paradis Services Corporation (for Mandatory Medicare Reporting technology).
  • Solutions Architect & Chief Architect, patented Care Guard Card: Ametros Financial, Inc. (for post-settlement health care coordination).
  • IT Consultant: McGladrey, LLP
  • B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering: Northeastern University

Traci Stuart

Case Advocate

“I firmly believe that structured settlements deliver value and security to injured parties that no other financial product can offer. I am proud knowing that through turbulent economic times the people we help have annuities that are safe and provide peace of mind.

I am excited to be part of the Chronovo team and look forward to contributing the perspectives of my 21 years in the insurance field to Chronovo’s unique, industry-leading approach to structured settlements. The blend of technology and experienced, knowledgeable professionals delivers improved value and security to all parties involved in a claim.”

Career Highlights

  • Structured Settlement Case Manager: EPS Settlements Group
  • Group Health Benefits Administrator: Moody Insurance Agency
  • Assistant Manager, Operations, Benefits Payout: Great-West Financial Services (nka Empower Retirement)
  • BA in International Trade & Relations with an emphasis in Latin America: University of Northern Colorado

BillWBill Wakelee

Chief Strategy Officer

“I helped launch Chronovo largely because of the financial meltdown of 2008. When the market collapsed, I noted that the individuals I’d advised to take advantage of tax-free structured settlement annuity opportunities over the previous 20 years were completely, blissfully unaffected. As these clients called to thank me, I thought about those who opted for all-cash settlements and how they could have fared so much better with a structure. I wondered if the broker industry—and if I myself—was doing enough to explain the value of structures to maximize gain and avoid losses. The answer was ‘no.’

Chronovo is dedicated to changing that. Our new approach enables more injured individuals to understand and take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Because of Chronovo, I will have a very different answer when a 2008-type event happens again.”

Career Highlights 
  • Claims Adjuster, Allstate Insurance: Claims Supervisor Cigna Insurance
  • Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) certification
  • Chair, National Structured Settlement Trade Association Education Committee
  • Broker & Director, Marketing Communications: Ringler Associates
  • 2015 Recipient, NSSTA Leadership Award
  • Co-Host, 10 Legal Talk Network/Ringler Radio shows
  • Published articles in Litigation Management Magazine, The Self-Insurer
  • Director, Special Markets: Integrated Financial Settlements (IFS)
  • Adjunct Professor, Business & Finance: St. Joseph’s University; MBA and Undergraduate: Eastern University and Ursinus College
  • Chair, National Structured Settlement Trade Association, CSSC/MSSC Certifications
  • B.S. in Marketing & Management, MBA in Finance: LaSalle University

Elizabeth Zandee

Case Advocate

“I was first introduced to the structured settlement industry in 2003 and I immediately knew that it is something I would be passionate about. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I am able assist an injured party plan for future financial needs by structuring a portion of the settlement, knowing the peace of mind and guaranteed tax-free benefits that will result. Whether it is setting up a college fund, lifetime benefits, annual benefits, and/or benefits to cover future medical costs, structured settlements help to relieve the financial burden and uncertainty that can follow an injury.
I joined the Chronovo because the leaders and employees all share the same passion I have. Chronovo is leading the industry in a new direction that offers exciting benefits to injured parties, employers, attorneys, and carriers. Chronovo creates a truly unique atmosphere in which each team member is engaged, shares knowledge, and celebrates success.”

Career Highlights
  • Structured Settlement Case Manager: EPS Settlement Group
  • Administrative Assistant/Case Manager: Ringler Associates
  • Occupational Studies Medical Assistant: Andon College-Modesto